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RediTip Description:

Want faster turnaround times between tipping?

The GLT 26m RediTip B Double is our most versatile high volume tipper unit. There is no need to leave your cabin when using the RediTip with jack-knife tipping, electric tarps and air operated tailgates as standard kit. The unit also comes with the special Liquid Spec option for operators hauling water level product.

The Tag unit uses our specially designed step down chassis which allows you to carry greater volumes while maintaining a lower centre of gravity.

If you are running on 19m routes, our tandem axle 19m RediTip B-Double will suit your needs.

Each unit has a 700 grade steel chassis which supports the aluminium tub. The standard floor and walls are made from 6mm and 5mm 5083 aluminium sheets. Sheet thicknesses can be customised to suit your particular needs.

Here is the first video in a two part series on the new RediTip design:

For part two in the video series please go to our video page or to our YouTube channel.

Standard equipment on all RediTip units includes:
  • Hendrickson suspension and axles with alloy hubs.
  • Aluminium ladder front and rear with interior access steps.
  • Dual line Westinghouse brake system.
  • Plastic radius guards.
  • Holland Mark V landing gear.
  • Electronic PVC Roll Tarp with Flexbows and end pelmets.
  • Hydraulic tailgate on lead trailer.
  • LED Lights.
  • Alloy wheels and your choice of leading brand tyres.

RediTip Trailer Specs:



Lead Bin Lengths: Tandem (19m) – 8m    | Tri (26m) – 10.25m.
Tag Bin Lengths: Tandem (19m) – 4.8m | Tri (26m) – 6.75m.
Bin Height: 1524mm to 2235mm.
Tare Weight: Ranging from 9.5 tonnes for a 19m B Double and 12.7 tonnes for a 26m B-Double depending on options fitted.
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