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PBS 6 Axle Dog Description:

Graham Lusty Trailers currently has PBS applications in for our 6 Axle Dog designs.

Our current 6 Axle Dog is extremely popular in Western Australia when paired up with a tri axle chassis lead unit.  This combination is a Class 4 vehicle in Western Australia.

Like our other Dogs, we have the ability to work with you and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) to bring your PBS dreams into fruition.

Standard build specs use 6mm 5083 aluminium sheet for the construction of the floor.  The walls are made from 5mm 5083 aluminium sheet.  The top rail is a one piece extrusion which is huck bolted to the side sheet.

Sheet thicknesses and bin height can be customised to suit your particular needs.  Chassis are CNC cut from 700 grade steel making them extremely strong and lightweight.

Standard equipment on all PBS 6 Axle Dogs includes:
  • Hendrickson suspension and axles with alloy hubs.
  • Aluminium ladder front and rear with interior access steps.
  • Dual line Westinghouse brake system.
  • Plastic radius guards.
  • Holland Mark V landing gear.
  • Manual PVC Roll Tarp with Flexbows and end pelmets.
  • LED Lights.
  • Alloy wheels and your choice of leading brand tyres.


PBS 6 Axle Dog Specs:



Bin Length: 10.3m to 10.9m.
Bin Height: 1219mm to 2133mm.
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