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Fracking Tanker Description:

Specifically developed for the Coal Seam Gas Fracking industry.

This unit is the only type of product on the market.  Its specially designed tanks allow for the easy removal of sediment which collects during each loading.

Baffles within the tanks do the hard work, keeping the units working rather than being pulled off the road for manual cleaning.  As the unit tips, the pressure created by the waste water flushes the majority of the built up sediment out of the tank.   The lead trailer is a TOA design which tips through the tag trailer.

Chassis are made from 700 grade steel which provides a solid platform for the special designed tanks. Each tank is custom made from 5083 aluminium sheets.

Here is a quick video of the Fracking Tanker in action:

Standard equipment on allFracking Tankers includes:
  • Hendrickson suspension and axles with alloy hubs.
  • Aluminium ladder front and rear with interior access steps.
  • Dual line Westinghouse brake system.
  • Plastic radius guards.
  • Holland Mark V landing gear.
  • LED Lights.
  • Alloy wheels and your choice of leading brand tyres.


Fracking Tanker Specs:



Length: 26m B-Double.
Tare Weight: Ranging from 10.2 tonnes for a B Double depending on options fitted
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