Stock Unit For Sale – Pocket Road Train

Graham Lusty Trailers has a new WA spec pocket road train for sale.

GLT - Pocket Road TrainExample of a GLT Pocket Road Train – Chassis Tipper Lead & 6 Axle Dog.

These trailers are currently semi complete.  You will have the ability to spec the trailers to your requirements.

Options to finalise:

  • Hendrickson axle type.
  • Side sheet finish.
  • Tailgate style and finger lock type.
  • Manual or electric tarps.
  • Weight gauge type.
  • Wheel and tyre combination.

General Spec:

  • Roll over tarps with pelmets.
  • Lead length – 9,090mm.
  • Lead side height – 2,120mm.
  • 6 axle dog length – 9900mm.
  • 6 axle dog side height – 2,060mm.
  • Combination volume – 95 cubic meters.
  • Estimated tare – 15.5 tonnes.

Build time will be 2 weeks from spec sign off.

Pocket road train prices starting from – $294,300 including GST.

Call 1300 731 442 for more details.

Slider and Drop Deck Chassis Tipper – Stock Unit

Slider and Drop Deck Chassis Tipper – Stock Unit’s for sale.

We currently have a 30′ by 7′ Slider and 33′ by 7′ Drop Deck Chassis Tipper Body in production.

Pictured below is a build up set.

GLT - Stock Slider and Drop Deck Chassis Tipper

These trailers are waiting for you to choose the final spec.

A base level spec for these trailers would give you the following figures:

Estimated Tare Weights

Slider – 7.2 tonnes.
Drop Deck Chassis Tipper – 6.3 tonnes.


Slider- 48 cubic meters.
Drop Deck Chassis Tipper – 57 cubic meters.


Slider starting from – $155,600 includes GST.
Drop Deck Chassis Tipper starting from – $132,200 includes GST.