Stock Units For Sale – 26m B-Double RediTip

Our Campbellfield facility has a new 26m B-Double RediTip 90% complete.

GLT - RediTip LeadExample of the stock unit.

GLT - Back Bar on LeadCustom made back bar.

GLT - RedTip Tag3000mm axle spread on tag.


Lead Unit

– 1,980mm sides.
– 10,250mm length.
– 48 cubic meter capacity.
– Hydraulic Door.
– Holland Kompensator

Tag Unit

– 2,351mm sides.
– 6,750mm length.
– 37 cubic meter capacity.


– Hendrickson Air Bag Suspension with Conmet Centrifuse Drum Axles.
– Load Proportional Valves.
– Razor Electric Roll Over Tarps.
– Ladders Front and on Hoist Well.
– 4 air activated Finger Locks and 2 sets of Grain Locks.
– 2 work lights per trailer.

Choose from either custom painted or vinyl sides.

Capacity: 85 cubic meters.

Estimated Tare Weight: 13.2 tonnes.

Price: starting from $279,000 including GST.

Please call 1300 731 442 for more details.

GLT – 26m RediTip High Volume Spec

Introducing the new GLT 26m RediTip High Volume Spec.

GLT - High Volume RediTip.Side sheets are built to a maximum height of 4.3 meters.

GLT - 'Scorpion' door half way up.Lead trailer has our new air and hydraulically operated ‘Scorpion’ tailgate.

GLT - 130 cubic meters.Both tailgates are hydraulically operated.

These trailers will give you 130 cubic meters with a tare weight of around 13.7 tonnes.

For more details about these units, please call the sales team – 1300 731 442.