New Victorian Service Strategy

New Victorian Service Strategy for Graham Lusty Trailers

We are refining our after sales service for Victorian and southern New South Wales customers.

‘The one facility in Campbellfield is currently underutilised by our customers who are geographically spread far and wide around Victoria and southern NSW’, says James Yerbury, Managing Director of GLT. ‘We have listened to our customers and created a flexible way to service their needs’.

The new service strategy involves a network of GLT approved workshops located nearer to customer’s operational areas.  Backing up this network will be a highly experienced GLT mobile field technician who will handle any specialised repairs and facilitate all general repairs through the workshop network.

This new strategy will begin to roll out through April as the Campbellfield facility is taken offline.

‘The Campbellfield facility was originally set up 4 years ago to manufacture new trailers.  We have found that customers were depending on the facility more for servicing and maintenance’, says Graham Lusty, CEO of GLT.

With Campbellfield handling more after sales support, GLT responded by increasing production output from their Brisbane facilities. ‘We have a very skilled team here at Brisbane which allows us to maintain high levels of build quality while increasing output’, says Graham Lusty. ‘The new service network will be more effective and efficient at handling GLT customers’ needs then one single location within Melbourne’.

For all servicing and maintenance enquires please contact the team on 1300 731 442.

For Sale: WA Spec Pocket Road Train

For Sale: WA Spec 27.5m Pocket Road Train

Attention Western Australian operators.  Here you will find a good looking set of trailers for sale.  Some nice options have been ticked, making these trailers packed with the latest innovations from Graham Lusty Trailers.  Hand crafted by our talented team,  you will be able to hook up and put them straight to work.

Available for immediate pick up from Yangbup, Perth.

Please contact our man in Perth, Brian Smith, for more details on this combination – 0447 883 591.

Lead Unit:

  • GLT Chassis Tipper.
  • Length = 9,900mm (32’6”).
  • Height = 1,980mm (6’6”).
  • Axle Spread = 3,100mm.
  • King Pin Spacing = 1,190mm.
  • Floor Thickness = 6mm marine grade aluminium.
  • Wall Thickness = 5mm marine grade aluminium.
  • Cubic Capacity = 48 cubic meters.
  • Overall Height = 3,514mm.
  • Coupling = Ringfeder.

Dog Unit:

  • GLT 6 Axle Dog Chassis Tipper.
  • Length = 9,900mm (32’6”).
  • Height = 1,980mm (6’6”).
  • Axle Spread = Dolly 2770mm | Rear group 2770mm.
  • Fixed dolly with a double row ball race.
  • Floor Thickness = 6mm Marine Grade Aluminium.
  • Wall Thickness = 5mm Marine Grade Aluminium.
  • Cubic Capacity = 48 cubic meters.
  • Overall Height = 3,514mm.


  • 700 grade CNC cut chassis.
  • Marine grade aluminium tubs.
  • Hendrickson Intraax air bag suspension.
  • Hendrickson 10 stud Conmet drum brake axles with manual slack adjusters.
  • Load proportional brake valves.
  • Alcoa Ultra One polished wheels with Kumho tyres.
  • Jost body locks.
  • Right Weigh digital scales with Blue Tooth.
  • Jost landing legs.
  • Razor electric rollover pvc tarps with pelmet ends.
  • Air flip over bar with controls located at the rear of the trailer.
  • Tool box and water tanks.
  • 1 way external hinge tailgates.
  • 4 finger locks air ram operated with switches at the rear of the trailer.
  • 1 set of manual grain locks.
  • Work lights, lights at top of tailgates and 1000mm side light spacing.
  • Air diverter switch on lead trailer.
  • Vinyl sides and painted tailgates.

This combination is current on display in Yangbup, Perth.  Please contact Brian Smith on 0447 883 591 to view these trailers or for any other information.

Updated Side Tipper Design

MGM Bulk have just received a special fleet of Side Tippers. These tippers have two key design changes.

The first change is the new style door seal that uses flexible spring steel.

This new seal design replaces our previous rubber seal.  The spring steel is extremely tough, leak proof and easy to replace.

The other design change has been to remove the lower extruded curve on the passenger side and replacing it with pressed side sheets. This has decreased the body weight by around 80kgs.

Just like our pressed side end tippers, we weld on a small extrusion for mounting the side lights.

These trailers have been set up with air trigger lines for cabin controlled tipping.  We have sourced these nice couplings from the US to handle the multiple lines.

Meet The New Team Members

GLT is expanding. We would like to introduce you to four of our new employees.

Brian Smith – Western Australia Business Development Manager


Brian has an extensive background in sales, manufacturing and business development.  With education in business management, Brian developed manufacturing facilities for the automotive sector and achieved QS 9000 accreditation.  He was also an elected member of the federal governments’ strategic leaders group for the Advanced Manufacturing Agenda (Howard government 2005).

Brian is based in Perth and started with us in November, 2016. If Collingwood ever lose an AFL match, make sure to let Brian know.

Ian Fanning – Eastern Australia Business Development Manager

Ian is a qualified diesel fitter/mechanic and has previously worked as a sales engineer.  Working with Mack Trucks from 1995-2011, Ian started in the workshop and ended up in the sales department.  In 2011 he moved to Powertrans working in product support, warranty and commissioning manager.

Ian has been with us since October, 2016, and is based at our Sandstone Place facility.  We are still amazed at his ‘Rain Man’-like mechanical knowledge in Mack Trucks and old Holdens.

Darren Riedel – Sales Assistant

Darren has a background in sales and marketing with a high end travel agency. Previous to that he successfully ran hotels and bars throughout South East QLD. Darren also Co-Founded an international touring musical act – Lagerstein.

Darren has been with us since May this year and is based at our Sandstone Place facility.  He handles the majority of customer quoting internally. If you are looking for someone to break in your drum kit then give Darren a call.

Edward Greenway – Junior Engineering Assistant

Edward has completed an honours degree in Engineering.  He also clipped his ticket in Aerospace Engineering and Physics while at uni.  He will bring a new perspective to our current trailer designs.  In his spare time he enjoys getting out on his motorbike and watching episodes of Archer.

GLT Stock Unit – 34′ by 7’2” Tip Over Axle

Graham Lusty Trailers Stock Unit – 34′ by 7’2” Tip Over Axle

Ready for pickup from Campbellfield on November 11 – 2016.

GLT stock TOA - not actual trailer advertised for sale.

(GLT stock TOA – not actual trailer advertised)

Here are the specs:

Length: 10,370mm = 34′.
Width: 2,180mm = 7’2”.
Body: Straight, Wide Body.
Sheet Thickness: Floor = 6mm, Sides = 5mm.
Finish: Vinyl side sheets with Mill Bright front and side sheets.
Hoist: 50 tonne Hidromas.
Tyres: Kuhmo 11R 22.5.
Wheels: Jost polished wheels.
Suspension and Axles: Hendrickson Air Bag Suspension with HXL7 Drum Brake Axles.
Brakes: Load proportional brake valves.
Coupling: Ringfeder bracket only with air, hydraulic and electrical fittings.
Guard Type: Splash guard with horse hair.
Ladders and Steps:  Tailgate ladder only.
Tool Box: GLT 900.
Water Tank: Polished aluminium.
Access Door: Front sheet passenger side.
Tailgate: 2 way external tailgate, standard grain door in centre, 4 finger locks air operated with 1 set of grain locks.
Lights: Lucidity grommet square style LED, 10 lights across the rear back bar, 10 lights at top of tailgate and side lights placed at 1000mm on lower combing.
Fittings: TBA.
Diverter: Diverter mounted to beam.

Cubic Capacity: 55 cubic meters.

Please call Ian for more details on this trailer – 1300 731 442 or

GLT Slider, Dolly and Drop Deck Tip Over Axle tare weights

GLT Slider, Dolly and Drop Deck Tip Over Axle tare weights:

Here are some numbers for you to consider on a Slider, Dolly and Drop Deck Tip Over Axle.  This unit can be set up to run as a PBS A-Double.

Graham Lusty Trailers - Road Train


Graham Lusty Trailers - Slider

– 9055mm by 2074mm.
– 5mm side sheets and 6mm floor.
– Hendrickson Conmet Preset Tapered Bearing Disc Brake Axle on air bag suspension.
– Ringfeder.
– Dual king pins.
– Alcoa LVL One wheels.
– Bridgestone 11R/22.5 tyres.
– Hidromas hoist.
– 1 way tailgate with air finger locks.
– QLD style roll over tarp.

Tare: 7.44 Tonnes
Capacity: 45 Cubic Meters


Graham Lusty Trailers - Dolly

– Hendrickson Conmet Preset Tapered Bearing Disc Brake Axle on air bag suspension.
– Alcoa LVL One wheels.
– Bridgestone 11R/22.5 tyres.

Tare: 3.22 Tonnes

Drop Deck Tip Over Axle:

Graham Lusty Trailers - Drop Deck Chassis Tipper

– 10300mm by 2074mm + 250mm drop.
– 5mm side sheets and 6mm floor.
– Hendrickson Conmet Preset Tapered Bearing Disc Brake Axle on air bag suspension.
– Ringfeder bracket only.
– Alcoa LVL One wheels.
– Bridgestone 11R/22.5 tyres.
– Hidromas hoist.
– 1 way tailgate with air finger locks.
– QLD style roll over tarp.

Tare: 6.36 Tonnes
Capacity: 57 Cubic Meters


B-Double: 13.8 Tonnes

Road Train: 17.02 Tonnes

Stock Unit For Sale – Pocket Road Train

Graham Lusty Trailers has a new WA spec pocket road train for sale.

GLT - Pocket Road TrainExample of a GLT Pocket Road Train – Chassis Tipper Lead & 6 Axle Dog.

These trailers are currently semi complete.  You will have the ability to spec the trailers to your requirements.

Options to finalise:

  • Hendrickson axle type.
  • Side sheet finish.
  • Tailgate style and finger lock type.
  • Manual or electric tarps.
  • Weight gauge type.
  • Wheel and tyre combination.

General Spec:

  • Roll over tarps with pelmets.
  • Lead length – 9,090mm.
  • Lead side height – 2,120mm.
  • 6 axle dog length – 9900mm.
  • 6 axle dog side height – 2,060mm.
  • Combination volume – 95 cubic meters.
  • Estimated tare – 15.5 tonnes.

Build time will be 2 weeks from spec sign off.

Pocket road train prices starting from – $294,300 including GST.

Call 1300 731 442 for more details.

Stock Units For Sale – 26m B-Double RediTip

Our Campbellfield facility has a new 26m B-Double RediTip 90% complete.

GLT - RediTip LeadExample of the stock unit.

GLT - Back Bar on LeadCustom made back bar.

GLT - RedTip Tag3000mm axle spread on tag.


Lead Unit

– 1,980mm sides.
– 10,250mm length.
– 48 cubic meter capacity.
– Hydraulic Door.
– Holland Kompensator

Tag Unit

– 2,351mm sides.
– 6,750mm length.
– 37 cubic meter capacity.


– Hendrickson Air Bag Suspension with Conmet Centrifuse Drum Axles.
– Load Proportional Valves.
– Razor Electric Roll Over Tarps.
– Ladders Front and on Hoist Well.
– 4 air activated Finger Locks and 2 sets of Grain Locks.
– 2 work lights per trailer.

Choose from either custom painted or vinyl sides.

Capacity: 85 cubic meters.

Estimated Tare Weight: 13.2 tonnes.

Price: starting from $279,000 including GST.

Please call 1300 731 442 for more details.

GLT – 26m RediTip High Volume Spec

Introducing the new GLT 26m RediTip High Volume Spec.

GLT - High Volume RediTip.Side sheets are built to a maximum height of 4.3 meters.

GLT - 'Scorpion' door half way up.Lead trailer has our new air and hydraulically operated ‘Scorpion’ tailgate.

GLT - 130 cubic meters.Both tailgates are hydraulically operated.

These trailers will give you 130 cubic meters with a tare weight of around 13.7 tonnes.

For more details about these units, please call the sales team – 1300 731 442.